We asked the participants of INI 2016 to tell us what they gained and liked the most about the program, here you can find what they told us:


Andrej - Slovenia

field: nuclear engineering

"The most memorable parts of the INI 2016 fellowship for me were the visits to research reactors and nuclear power plants. I got into nuclear field after visiting Slovenian nuclear power plant and in the fellowship I was able to see all the other different types of reactors, about which I only heard before. I also met the people who operate them and talked to them. The most memorable experience was standing in the operating room of a working BWR and talking to the operators.

I also gained knowledge about the whole nuclear field, about some I had no previous knowledge, because I am studying nuclear engineering, which is just a small part of the nuclear field.

In the fellowship I learned about a method for radon detection using CDs and DVDs. The method was so interesting to me, I did a detailed research after I came home. As I am still doing my masters in nuclear engineering, I did a seminar on this subject and presented it to other students of my faculty."

Ewa - Poland

field: nuclear chemistry

"The Intercontinental Nuclear Institute fellowship was undoubtedly a life-changing experience for me. I started with little knowledge about the Nuclear Energy industry and did not know anybody in a group. By the end of the course I not only broadened knowledge in all aspects of Nuclear Energy but formed long lasting friendships with people from all over the world. For the first time I had the opportunity to visit numerous Nuclear Power Plants across two different continents! INI is an eye-opener as to the complexity of the Nuclear Industry. Before INI, as a chemist, I only focused on chemical nuclear science and now realise that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lectures at the fellowship are not only very informative, but are also interesting, engaging and very interactive with the students. My personal favorite aspects of the programme were the group sessions. We had huge opportunities to network and share our diversity of knowledge and scientific experiences, which allowed us to learn from each other and to develop our inter personal skills. Unlike other courses however, INI is not only about learning, but is also about new experiences with other people from similar fields of expertise within the scientific community. This can help all of us work together for a better future."


Radek - Czech Republic

field: dosimetry

"The INI2016 fellowship provided me with thorough and comprehensive training in the field of nuclear energy. The training program was designed to cover the major aspects of nuclear science and technology. I had the opportunity to obtain new knowledge through lectures given by experts in the field, to gain practical insight into nuclear energy technology thanks to many nuclear facilities visits, and to acquire new experience during various hands-on exercises and teamwork. It is very difficult to choose what I liked the most on the fellowship…Every aspect of the INI2016 was very interesting. Well, I would point out the nuclear facilities visits. We were able to see three nuclear power plants (Temelin NPP in the Czech Republic, Pilgrim NPP and Seabrook NPP in the USA), several research reactors in the Czech Republic as well as in the USA and other nuclear facilities. During the visits, we spoke with employers and experts in the field, which enabled us to see how the principles are put into practice. Moreover, we could compare the different approaches to the nuclear technology in the Czech Republic and in the USA, which I found very valuable. And also, I met many interesting people during the fellowship and thus enlarged the network of my friends and professional colleagues. Altogether, INI2016 was a great experience!"

Daulet - Kazakhstan

field: nuclear physics

"INI training was both useful and interesting for me.

Firstly, this course had enough time to study the topic and to make new friends-professionals in the field of nuclear physics and other fields related to it. It was very important for me to look at nuclear power from different perspectives and to develop links with people from other companies and countries.

Secondly, all subjects were well described and led to my interest in the economics of nuclear power plants. I also discovered some gaps in my knowledge, that I have already started to work on. I discovered a lot of really interesting books for me, which I have already shared with my colleagues.

So I was very happy to be involved to the course and advised it to all my friends as an excellent way to raise their qualification and increase the number of professionals who can be contacted, if necessary.

Thank you Intercontinental Nuclear Institute 2016!"

Monika - Hungary

field: nuclear site technical engineering

For me INI 2016 was a once in a lifetime opportunity. As an architect by education, I do not have nuclear field related education, or too much experience related to nuclear field, but in every lecture, I found something interesting, something that made me think.

 We visited power plants, universities, research reactors, a uranium mine, and a lot of other places which all gave us something unique, something new. I loved the group sessions, where we got to know each other’s background, country and we solved tasks together from different perspectives. I met great people, who I am happy to call my friends, and have learnt a lot about nuclear science, nuclear safety and nuclear industry. I still have so much to learn, and I realised how big and complex this field really is. This fellowship was one of the best experiences in my life.


Bora - Turkey

field: medical physics

It was an unforgettable experience for me to participate in Intercontinental Nuclear Institute 2016. This engaging training consisted of lectures from broad variety of nuclear fields from economics, safety and security aspects, project planning to reactor physics, while each topic was introduced and explained. I gained knowledge about nuclear reactors even though as a medical physicist I did not have knowledge about nuclear reactors and power plants before INI 2016. I have had the opportunity to consolidate my theoretical knowledge through scientific visits to the reactors and laboratories during this fellowship programme. During these visits, we met with academics and experts, we are still in touch with these professionals.

One of the best aspects of this program was seeing two different countries in two different continents. I had the opportunity to compare their perspective on the nuclear field. Besides, I have met people who come from different cultures from all over the world. Thanks to INI, I now have many new friends with the same profession. The social activities organized within this training are as wonderful and interesting as the scientific activities and provided us with the socialization among the fellows. There can be no better feeling than having good friends from 14 different countries of the world.

I strongly believe that Intercontinental Nuclear Institute is very beneficial for professional improvement of people with limited knowledge about nuclear field.

Marius – Lithuania

field: energy strategic planning

I think the Intercontinental Nuclear Institute gave us more than we could have expected!

Lectures, workshops, practical simulations and site visits broadened our theoretical knowledge and allowed us to understand the different approaches in nuclear sector and its further exploitation all around the world – especially USA and Europe. Gained knowledge in nuclear technologies, nuclear economy, environmental safety and waste management led us to understand the importance of nuclear and yet, feel the responsibility for its safe exploitation while planning strategies and implementing future nuclear projects.

However, what is most important, is that INI connected young experts from multinational environments to learn together and from each other, by sharing the best practices of different countries. Such experience could not be learned at local level, so it is an amazing lifetime opportunity, which I am very proud and thankful of!

Greta-Marilena - Romania

field: nuclear safety supervision

This training helped me discover various activities in nuclear field. Experiencing that has helped further improve my professional qualities. Among visits we took part in were Dosimetry and chemistry laboratories, different visits like Massachusetts Institute of Technology, uranium mine, power plants and research reactors in both, Czech Republic and United States.

This period of full-time learning program allowed me to see the ups and downs of team work situations and taught me how to cope with failures and how to celebrate success of our experiments and projects.

A great activity that we did, and my favorite one, was a simulation of a role of inspectors. We had to complete two main tasks, the first one was to locate, find and secure an unknown nuclear material and the other one was to transport the nuclear material to the lab and analyse it. This helped me enhance my inspector skills.

All the facilities were chosen perfectly for the program topic. Even if the fellows have been from 13 different countries it was easy to stay, work and learn together because everything was suitable. INI was a fantastic opportunity to improve myself professionally, develop new friendships and became an informed workforce. Thank you, INI!