„INI was a great experience, which provided me the opportunity to see the nuclear industry from different perspectives. The technical lectures, visits and workshops has given me the practical knowledge, which I need for starting up аnd developing my professional path. Through INI I’ve improved my team working and analytical skills. The most impactful thing about this program was working in a multi-cultural nuclear network.“

– Zlatina Mancheva, Bulgarian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Bulgaria


„The INI training programme has exposed me to the multifaceted aspect of the nuclear industry. I’ve gained more experience working in a multicultural environment and I believe this experience gained will help me make relevant contribution to my country especially in nuclear security and communications. It’s been a wonderful journey.“

– Hasfazilah Binti Hassan, Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, Malaysia


„As an aspiring Nuclear Engineer, this training has given me the general overview and the basic understanding of nuclear technology. Working with other nationalities with diverse nuclear fields has given me a different perspective about nuclear energy. I must say, nuclear engineering is not for the blithe. I am eager to share what I’ve learnt with my co-workers and also make relevant contribution to nuclear safety culture awareness within my organization.“

 – Yvonne Sefakor Dzovor, Bui Power Authority, Ghana

“Participation in INI 2019 was an opportunity to enhance the technical knowledge in the practical aspects of the nuclear energy as it offers technical visits to various nuclear facilities, the program was also of added value in the non-technical aspects such as planning, communication, financing, and teamwork. I believe that the outcomes of this program will support me in better performing in the ongoing project activities of building the first nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia.”

– Abdulmajeed Alabduljabbar, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K.A.CARE), Saudi Arabia


„During my 4 weeks at INI 2019, I have learned about types and generations of reactors, their working principals, the regulations in nuclear, I have visited Temelin NPP, its simulators and training facilities. One of the most important knowledge that i have learned for myself is how important the two-way communication in nuclear is, i participated in a workshop which proved that a correct way of communication completely changes the results of operations for better and safer. In the USA we get to learn about nuclear in medicine, cyclotrons, regulations, safety and security and economics of  nuclear. It has been a new knowledge for me to learn about Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and micro reactors, developments in Gen IV reactors.

Over all, it was very intensive yet enjoyable and fruitful 4-weeks of my time. I am more excited for the networking opportunity we have received, I enjoyed learning about peaceful nuclear programs of other countries and we even vowed to stay in touch for discussing news in nuclear field in future and to update each another about our countries progress in NPP constructions. It has been a great experience which  I could probably not have it in another place.“

 – Olimjon Saidov, Uzatom Agency, Uzbekistan

„I applied for INI with main goal to gain new knowledge and experience that I will be able to implement in my work field. I can declare that after long and intense four weeks each in Czech and US parts, not only I refreshed my knowledge, but I also gained new skills and information and met people from different parts of the world, what I consider as an invaluable and beneficial experience. I can say that the INI it is the experience that I would recommend to all people working in the nuclear field industry.“

 – Erik Holubek, Wood Nuclear Slovakia s.r.o., Slovakia

„Thank you for the wonderful experience. I really enjoy it and it was so much more than i expected. Extremely informative and enjoyable, all the experts were so terrific, venue was lovely, hospitality was second to none. After all the training i’ve ever been to, this was by far the best! Would definitely recommend this course to the others! Thanks INI team 2019! Till our path cross again.“

– Mohd Khairul Azfar Bin Ramli, Malaysian Nuclear Agency, Ministry of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change, Malaysia


„The INI provided a lot of in-depth information topped with hands on exercises and informative site visits. A great opportunity to learn and network.“

– Elly Omondi, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board, Kenya