This year’s edition is over.
ReaD the iaea report about ini 2019.


The Intercontinental Nuclear Institute (INI) is a four-week training session developed in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the University of Massachusetts Lowell and is supported by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

It is organised to promote long-term sustainability of nuclear power programme and infrastructure through capacity building, global dialogue and technical engagement in the field of nuclear science and technology and nuclear power reactor technology.

INI aims to bring together talented young people working or studying within the nuclear sector. To this date, we have managed to train fellows from 27 countries (the map is to be updated):

Interested to know more about INI? For general information on INI, please see the About section.

For up-to-date information concerning the upcoming INI 2020 session, please go to the News section.


INI 2019

3rd June - 15th June, 2019  Prague, Czech Republic

16th June - 28th June, 2019 Lowell, Massachusetts, United States